Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sex And The City Movie

The infamous series on HBO 'Sex And The City' gets a new face with the upcoming launch of it's new movie ' Sex And The City - The Movie'. An absolutely genius platform of cashing on an already very strong platform of 4 individualistic and like-minded women in New York. Not a very regular watcher but I can tell from the marketing strategy which is being promoted from the past 3 months in existing movie halls and theatres by means of BlueTooth Marketing (Pics, Screensavers, Trailers & Music), Outdoor & Print media and the very expected SMS Polls.
The SMS Polls has invited and entertained a database of more than 5 million women of USA who are intrigued and actively relate themselves to the series. Mobile Marketing has proved to be a phenomenol marketing-communication channel between the service provider & the service user. Further, let's hope that the launch allows Carrie with a whole new outlook and obviously many more episodes to come.