Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vodafone Talk More

Its been a while that Vodafone has entered the Indian Mobile Operator's market. Inspite of the company picking up, 'Hutchison Essar Group' at snail's pace that it was, Vodafone has managed to pick up speed. The international giant has hired one the best ad agencies in the country and has come up with absolutely ingenious marketing concepts ever made in the Telecom industry.
So to speak, the Indian Mobile Market is limited to Mobile Number Sales & Mobile Handset Sales separately - Airtel & Nokia/Sagem have made attempts in the past to make 'Packaged Deals' of handsets with special offer Prepaid SIM Cards, which honestly did not take off very well. Vodafone re-installed this idea in the market as the "Magic Box" comprising of a pretty handy and featured handset with basic Phonebook, Messaging and FM features, along with a special tariff plan attracting people to change more phones than only change or buy a new number. The campaign went on successfully with a mass approach to the common Indian man who cares more of what handset he keeps than the number or tariff plan on his number.
To top it all, Vodafone has recently come out with a campaign that promotes their Call Conference faility @ Rs.30/month. (Delhi circle). Not only does a mere Rs.30 add much more revenue to the VAS Sales but also the fact if one person calls the other, the 2nd to the 3rd...so on till there can be 5 or more participants (The limit is of 5 people on conference on one number incl the number owner) - The genius of this marketing is that by using Call Conference - Vodafone is actually multiplying their Sales of outgoing calls to friends by friends or business to business users. The chain here is practically limitless.
Further, keeping in mind that (or so I believe) that Mobile Operators have to bear a fee or submit a cost of terminating a call made from their network to anothers like Airtel, Idea, etc.
The intra call conference keeps these costs low so that people are encouraged to make V2V Calls more than to other operators. If you notice, this is why your own operator charges you lesses to make calls to the same operator as compared to making a local call to the network of another operator.

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